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Dedicated Server Hosting - Is Dedicated Server Hosting a Better Choice?

Today, when information is everything, from personal chats to E-Commerce ventures, we need perfectly designed and developed websites and seamless delivery of all the information. Increase in the usage of the hand-held devices clearly indicates that information is now a need of the people and not an intellectual fetish. This is the root-cause of the requirement of a well-managed server, preferably a dedicated one that would look after our websites with care and diligence so that we can cater to the needs of our users.

A dedicated server is a server that is designed and installed for a particular client so that the client and the users can enjoy the exclusive coverage and continuous work-flow. A dedicated server can be rented from a Web Hosting company by a web publisher who has got a website irrespective of any purpose. It's designed as per the specification of the client and it includes a web server, an internet connection and necessary and related software.

A dedicated server is installed in the vendor's place, typically in the Web Hosting Company's place and the client is remotely connected to this main server. Here, in a lay man's word, the dedicated server is a computer installed in the vendor's place connected to another computer in the client's place to store and maintain all the information of the client website. The main goal is to decrease the in-house maintenance cost of a client as own server needs a lot of things like routers, security system framework, internet connections etc which incur continuous costs for a client. It's simply an outsourcing of the client's hosting and networking needs. Basically, it's a renting system that allows a client to use a particular computer system or the client can have an option from an array of several systems. There can be a solution of installing the client's server in the hosting provider's premise, named colocation as per the terminology.

A dedicated server offers a specific amount of memory committed to the client, bandwidth and hard disk memory. Bandwidth typically means the amount of deliverable data in gigabytes. The server comes with domain name service, file transfer protocol and email accounts. That means it's a win-win package for a website regarding hosting, data transfer and data maintenance and taking the back-ups in a more cost-effective way where a site doesn't need to take plight for its in-house hassles for maintaining the server.

A dedicated server can be of two types, managed and unmanaged. Managed servers are mostly maintained by the hosting side. Although the service varies from vendor to vendor but a standard level of service is always available from the vendor side. On the other hand, the unmanaged dedicated servers are maintained by the users and not by the vendor side.

Dedicated hosting is always costly than the shared hosting and it takes a lot of time when it comes to coping with the errors. But the dedicated server provides more control, security and exclusiveness for a website.

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Find the Best Web Hosting Service and Reseller

There are many online firms that offer re-seller hosting services and it is essential to understand exactly what this is all about. When a company offers this service and web hosting services, the owner of the hosting account offers to rent out portions of their disk space and bandwidth to other users. This means that the account owner is actually providing hosting services to the end users.

When you purchase a hosting package that you can resale, you will be provided with a control panel and will also be provided with limited technical support. The biggest advantage of this type of hosting is price because most hosting packages of this kind are not expensive. Anyone that has an interest in making money as a reselling host will need to become an affiliate of a web hosting company.

Advantages of Becoming a Hosting Re-seller

There are a number of reasons why web designers choose to resell web hosting to their clients. Because you manage the hosting, you know exactly what features can be actualized on the websites of your clients. the program will offer you a platform which makes their services more attractive.

With a resale hosting service the possibility of obtaining recurring revenue is unlimited. This takes place through a monthly charge as fee for web hosting and even when the design of the website has done, you will still earn money from the client.

Through the program, you are able to build loyalty because when your clients purchase hosting from you, they will probably use your services again when they need to redesign their websites. They are also likely to refer other customers to you especially if you continually provide them with wonderful services.

How to Establish a Web Hosting Re-seller Program

If you want to set up a hosting program where you can resale, you can go about it by purchasing a plan from another web host. It will only cost you a little extra monthly fee if you want to resell hosting accounts. You will be provided with the services that your hosting provider has as well as space for your own website. It is better to have a dedicated server for your hosting services.

By owning or leasing your own server, it will be easy for you to determine who can have web space on your server and apportion it as you desire. With a virtual hosting, you will be able to set up as many websites as your server can accommodate because of the space and the bandwidth that you have.

Becoming a Hosting Re-seller

To become a hosting re-seller, find a web hosting company that is dependable, trustworthy and experienced. Determine which package is good for you and make sure that you know the terms of the contract before getting into any agreement. You will also need to create a website which will promote and sell your hosting services to customers. It is important that your website is optimized so that it is easily distinguished among the website of other hosting companies. Once you have a solid customer base, you will need to do everything to ensure that you retain them and attract other clients.

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Virtual Private Servers Hosting Reviews

In the days when virtually everything is being sold on the internet, the topic of web hosting becomes increasingly popular with the "shop holders". When choosing your VPS and/or dedicated server hosting provider, there are many factors to consider. And pricing is by far not the most important one.

Hosting your webpage or services or probably running your SEO campaigns or even trading Forex online requires either a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server for as long as you continue with your activities online. The prices of these are very different and of course depend on their quality and scale, but to tell you the truth, price is definitely the most important factor to consider when making your choice.

On one hand, there is the quality of the hosting server like RAM, storage space provided, CPU, bandwidth, OS etc. Do not underestimate their significance, as they might be crucial to your success rate.

If you are trading forex using some kind of automated software like a forex robot, expert advisor of some kind or even following a signal provider, then you can probably sacrifice the CPU and bandwidth, yet you must be looking for a stable connection between the hosting company and your forex broker. Another important factor to consider in such a situation is server maintenance - it should only be performed during the weekends and following a prior warning so you can take the necessary precautions, otherwise you can lose big money.

If you are running SEO campaigns using automated software for creating backlinks, article submission, forum posting and many more, you simply must be looking to get as much bandwidth as possible, get the best CPU, RAM and connection speed. Regardless of the price.

On the other hand however, we have to consider not only the quality of the hosting company, but the location of their servers as well.

In case you want your website or online service hosted, you must take into consideration the location of your readers, users or clients. In the best possible scenario you need a VPS or dedicated server as close as possible to them, thus saving precious loading time, which is not an insignificant factor with the SERPS in the long run.

The above example tends however to oversimplify things. It is a rare thing to have your customers concentrated in a single country or a particular geographic area. In most cases online businesses tend to attract clients from all over the world. Does it mean we can skip the location when making our choice for a hosting company?

Definitely not. In this case, just check the country where the servers are located against the average speed of internet in this particular country. You may find surprising results, like the small country of Bulgaria on the Balkan peninsula in Europe being 3rd in the world top internet speed! And prices there are ridiculously low.

VPS & Dedicated Servers Reviews

Cheap Web Hosting and Fast Servers For Business

On a daily basis, thousands of people are registering domain names and hosting their websites for their their personal use or their new business. However, how do you really know where to register your domain name and what service provider to sign up with for your web hosting services.

Here are 6 specific aspects you can look for to help you decide with company you choose to register your domain name and web hosting services.

First, it is necessary to decide on how many domain names you intend on registering and whether the domains will be either personal or for your business. The average cost for registering a domain can be anywhere from $1.00 to $15.00.
And, depending on the business you register, it could cost a fair bit more however, you would be able to find out the cost, once you search and register your domain.

Once your domain is registered, then you will need to direct your domains to a web hosting service company. But, what plan will you purchase and why?

If you have one or two domains, then opt for a basic plan which costs approximately $5.00 per month. You can always upgrade whenever necessary.

There are a few things to watch out for when looking to sign up for a hosting company.

1. Customer Service

One aspect in particular is: customer service. How can you contact the web hosting company? Is it by a 1-800 number or by live chat or both?

2. Hours of Operation

And, when are their hours of operation? Are they open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, or are they open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? This really makes a difference especially if you require help immediately for your business needs.

3. Amount of Web Space

Amount of web space is also important because if you have a small website 5MB of space will be plenty for your needs. However, a large site might require a bit more especially if you intend on adding a lot of images, videos or sound files.

4. FTP Access

It is necessary to have FTP access, in order to have the ability to upload your website pages easily. This is particularly helpful for web developers as well.

5. Email

Does your web hosting company allow for you to set up an email account and name your email whatever you wish? It is important to be able to select an email name that corresponds with your website in order to look professional as a business.

6. Control Panel

This is also known as the c-panel. It is important to have access to your own c-panel so that you can control adding or deleting passwords, email accounts. You definitely want control over your website so that when you need to make a change, you can quickly log into your account and make the necessary changes. It avoids having to speak with technical support for every change you need to make to your website.

There are other more technical requirements however, those items would be understood and taken care of by the programmer, who will work on and oversee your website.

When you search the internet, you will find hundreds of web hosting companies from which you can choose. For your convenience, Stellarpoint Inc. has very affordable web hosting services. This company has $1 web hosting and templates available for you to create a website, free of cost. There are three different web hosting plans available.

Guide to Choosing a Good Web Hosting Plan

The path to successful online presence requires considerable technical skill. This is quite daunting to the new business owner who is more comfortable with traditional marketing techniques. Having a website designed and ready, the next step is successful online uploading, for which you need an appropriate hosting plan. The right hosting plan is the one that meets your needs, budget as well as makes your online presence a smooth experience.

There is such a bewildering range of choices that it is difficult for the average website owner to select the one that most suits his requirements. But if you keep the following four main criteria in mind while selecting an appropriate web hosting plan, you will avoid unnecessary problems later on.

Consistent and Dependable Service

This is the key requirement for any web hosting plan. The service provider should be able to provide constant uptime to your website without any hitches or blanket limits. Another quality that is equally important is the provision for technical support if there are any problems. This is extremely relevant for the website owner who is not tech savvy. You can find this out by taking a look at the reviews of the hosting company.

Scope for Change in the Future

It is a foregone conclusion that over time your hosting requirements will change. As your enterprise grows online, you may need to changeover to a different plan that is more conducive to your changed circumstances. It is important to keep provision for future growth and to choose a plan that offers flexibility. When selecting a webhosting plan check out the ease of change from one plan to another as well as the cost of an upgrade. Besides this, confirm whether it will be possible to switch to another company with minimum hitches, should you find a better option later.

Standard of services

Web hosting that is based on the latest technologies is a must if your website is to offer a superior user experience to your visitors. One of the things that you should check for is cPanel that offers the ability to manage your website through a control panel. If you intend to create your own website, then Fantastico can make the process very simple for you. Features like MySQL 5 and PHP 5 make your experience a smooth one. When you check for the quality of services, make sure that the latest versions are being offered by the hosting company. You would not want to be stuck with outdated techniques.

This is an important criterion for a beginner with a limited budget who has so many starting expenses. But it should not be the main guiding force. In the long run, cheap may not necessarily be the most economical. If the level of services is good then a little investment will pay for itself through better performance. Look for web hosting plans offered by affordable companies like Hostgator or Bluehost which provide quality with reasonable rates.

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