Friday, February 28, 2014

Dedicated Server Hosting - Is Dedicated Server Hosting a Better Choice?

Today, when information is everything, from personal chats to E-Commerce ventures, we need perfectly designed and developed websites and seamless delivery of all the information. Increase in the usage of the hand-held devices clearly indicates that information is now a need of the people and not an intellectual fetish. This is the root-cause of the requirement of a well-managed server, preferably a dedicated one that would look after our websites with care and diligence so that we can cater to the needs of our users.

A dedicated server is a server that is designed and installed for a particular client so that the client and the users can enjoy the exclusive coverage and continuous work-flow. A dedicated server can be rented from a Web Hosting company by a web publisher who has got a website irrespective of any purpose. It's designed as per the specification of the client and it includes a web server, an internet connection and necessary and related software.

A dedicated server is installed in the vendor's place, typically in the Web Hosting Company's place and the client is remotely connected to this main server. Here, in a lay man's word, the dedicated server is a computer installed in the vendor's place connected to another computer in the client's place to store and maintain all the information of the client website. The main goal is to decrease the in-house maintenance cost of a client as own server needs a lot of things like routers, security system framework, internet connections etc which incur continuous costs for a client. It's simply an outsourcing of the client's hosting and networking needs. Basically, it's a renting system that allows a client to use a particular computer system or the client can have an option from an array of several systems. There can be a solution of installing the client's server in the hosting provider's premise, named colocation as per the terminology.

A dedicated server offers a specific amount of memory committed to the client, bandwidth and hard disk memory. Bandwidth typically means the amount of deliverable data in gigabytes. The server comes with domain name service, file transfer protocol and email accounts. That means it's a win-win package for a website regarding hosting, data transfer and data maintenance and taking the back-ups in a more cost-effective way where a site doesn't need to take plight for its in-house hassles for maintaining the server.

A dedicated server can be of two types, managed and unmanaged. Managed servers are mostly maintained by the hosting side. Although the service varies from vendor to vendor but a standard level of service is always available from the vendor side. On the other hand, the unmanaged dedicated servers are maintained by the users and not by the vendor side.

Dedicated hosting is always costly than the shared hosting and it takes a lot of time when it comes to coping with the errors. But the dedicated server provides more control, security and exclusiveness for a website.

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