Friday, February 28, 2014

Virtual Private Servers Hosting Reviews

In the days when virtually everything is being sold on the internet, the topic of web hosting becomes increasingly popular with the "shop holders". When choosing your VPS and/or dedicated server hosting provider, there are many factors to consider. And pricing is by far not the most important one.

Hosting your webpage or services or probably running your SEO campaigns or even trading Forex online requires either a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server for as long as you continue with your activities online. The prices of these are very different and of course depend on their quality and scale, but to tell you the truth, price is definitely the most important factor to consider when making your choice.

On one hand, there is the quality of the hosting server like RAM, storage space provided, CPU, bandwidth, OS etc. Do not underestimate their significance, as they might be crucial to your success rate.

If you are trading forex using some kind of automated software like a forex robot, expert advisor of some kind or even following a signal provider, then you can probably sacrifice the CPU and bandwidth, yet you must be looking for a stable connection between the hosting company and your forex broker. Another important factor to consider in such a situation is server maintenance - it should only be performed during the weekends and following a prior warning so you can take the necessary precautions, otherwise you can lose big money.

If you are running SEO campaigns using automated software for creating backlinks, article submission, forum posting and many more, you simply must be looking to get as much bandwidth as possible, get the best CPU, RAM and connection speed. Regardless of the price.

On the other hand however, we have to consider not only the quality of the hosting company, but the location of their servers as well.

In case you want your website or online service hosted, you must take into consideration the location of your readers, users or clients. In the best possible scenario you need a VPS or dedicated server as close as possible to them, thus saving precious loading time, which is not an insignificant factor with the SERPS in the long run.

The above example tends however to oversimplify things. It is a rare thing to have your customers concentrated in a single country or a particular geographic area. In most cases online businesses tend to attract clients from all over the world. Does it mean we can skip the location when making our choice for a hosting company?

Definitely not. In this case, just check the country where the servers are located against the average speed of internet in this particular country. You may find surprising results, like the small country of Bulgaria on the Balkan peninsula in Europe being 3rd in the world top internet speed! And prices there are ridiculously low.

VPS & Dedicated Servers Reviews


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