Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dedicated Server Hosting Disadvantages

Dedicated servers are very well known by all the people who are associated with the internet and specially the web hosting industry. Many of us are aware of the benefits of the dedicated servers but, as there are advantages of something there are some disadvantages too. Dedicated servers actually do not have so called disadvantages as the major one which is the most important one is the cost of the dedicated server. As dedicated server belongs to one client and there is no other account holder, the entire cost of the server is given by the client.

In a shared server as there are a number of users or clients using the same server the entire cost of the server is distributed among all of them according to the plans they have chosen for the usage of the server. As the cost gets distributed it is much more reduced and it gets affordable for all the account holders of the server to pay for the server. But as the dedicated server and all the resources of the server are used by one client he has to pay the entire cost of the server.

The cost of the server is also high because the server physically exists. The server originally costs a hundreds of pounds and the fact that the provider who is providing you the server has to make up the entire amount of server in a short period of time and so he has to keep the cost high so that he can do that as soon as possible. The cost of the data center maintenance is quite high as the data centers are provided with a good security, electricity supply and engineers 24×7x365 days. So naturally the cost of all these services is taken from the clients who are using the servers kept in the data center. Not only this, the cost of the bandwidth and the rackspace that has been filled is also taken from the client.

Your web host plays a major role in deciding the cost of your server. The cost of the server is decided by your web host as he also wants to earn profit when he provides you with the server. The relation of the web host and the datacenter is also important as the datacenter provides the server to the web host which provides you the server, as the web host is providing the service the web host is going to charge you the amount as they want to maintain a profit from your server but at the same time the server has to be kept in the data center so that it is connected to the internet.

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