Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Find a Reliable Website Hosting Service

Every website, to make it available and accessible to all, has to be hosted on a server. Servers are computer devices fitted with an array of sizeable hard drives that store large chunks of data. Web hosting is a process wherein a company or a person rents space on a server.

Selecting a web host is sometimes confusing given the large number of service providers in the market. You should sign up for a service only after proper research. Following are some of the factors to consider.

How to Find a Reliable Website Hosting Service

1. Understand the specific needs of your site:
An affiliate marketer might need a service that permits him to host multiple sites while a company might want only a single, but fast-loading professional website. Every web host offers a variety of features to cater to different customers. You should choose one that suits the needs of your site.

2. Type of Hosting:
Shared and dedicated systems are two options available to a website owner. The former accommodates multiple users on a single server while the latter dedicates a single server or drive to a single site. A dedicated system means higher speed and more powerful options. However, they are expensive. The shared system is adequate and economical in its own way. But if you choose it, you must enquire about the number of machines that will share the system with you. Excess traffic from other sites might increase loading time for your website.

3. Internet Speed:
The server should be supported by a fast internet connection. T3 is the recommended standard; however T1 is also a sufficiently fast connection. Dial-up internet connections work at snail-speed and are best avoided.

4. Customer Support:
Customer support is an important aspect of web hosting. Websites may crash or you may mess up with setting. Such situations call for immediate customer support to remedy the problem. Opt for web hosts with a solid and reliable customer support system.

5. Pricing Options:
When it comes to web hosting services, there are free and paid options. Free web hosting is a good option for beginners who want to get a feel of the system and working of websites. It also makes a great choice for personal websites that do not expect much traffic. You can start free and go paid with time. The free versions however have certain limitations. It features "banner ads" and "pop-ups".

Advertisements are not a serious concern to a personal or affiliate website, but it looks unprofessional on a business or company site. You can opt out of advertisements by paying a small monthly fee. Paid hosting services charge on the basis of utilities and amount of data storage you ask for. There are commercial and business packages too. You should compare the prices and features before you subscribe for a service. Inquire if there are applicable charges when the traffic exceeds the permitted limit.

6. Other Concerns:
Whether free or paid, the working of every web hosting service is based on certain policies and restrictions. They may impose restrictions on scripting language, nature of website content or methods of monetizing a website. You should read the terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer policies of the respective provider. web hosting search tool


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