Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Advantages of Windows Web Hosting

In recent years, web hosting has come up as one of the most popular Google search terms with more and more people realising the need for a personal web space. There are various operating systems providing a large number of hosting platform options, but the Windows server hosting easily takes the cake. Combining smooth integration, high level of security, application compatibility and single point of control, Windows platform has come up to be the best dedicated server hosting that empowers some of the biggest sites on the internet including itself.

The number of Windows applications used worldwide every day is huge and when it comes to web hosting it is not much different. Most of the latest web applications being used today are Windows based. Therefore, every Windows server hosting allows any Microsoft applications to integrate fast and efficiently while other platforms might not even support those applications. To be able to take advantages of the integrated.NET framework latest technologies like Active Server Pages and VB.NET are by running the Windows based web servers. If you intend to run a.NET based cart service on your site or looking for an ASP.NET server hosting, then Windows web hosting becomes the automatic choice for your requirements.

When it comes to database support, Windows hosting has proved to be far superior to other alternatives available. For database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform provides complete integration, GUI support and relational database support to make the job easier and more efficient. Microsoft Front Page is popular web design software and currently being used by a large number of sites throughout the world. Any site that is looking to use Front Page extension has to be run on a Windows platform webhosting.

If you are using the popular Microsoft SharePoint for document and content management of your website then Windows web hosting is your best and only option. Likewise for database applications based on Microsoft Access, Windows servers are the only option. Providing unmatched scalability, Widows servers have supported SharePoint hosting through all the versions since its launch in 2001.

Windows web hosting come defaulted with the DotNetPanel, one of the best admin panels in the industry today. It enables you to centrally manage all of your applications while providing the ease of use that we all have known Windows for. Easy and efficient, DotNetPanel does not require you to write a single line of code to operate your website.

If one thing the Windows hosting resellers boast about the most is the robust security and traffic handling skills of Windows servers. Windows Server 2003 was created to give users a platform that is capable of handling overwhelming amounts of traffic with ease and provide unrivalled security to save your site from malicious attacks.

Many people argue that Windows web hosting is costlier than some other alternatives but they forget the fact that due to Microsoft licensing, updates to Windows servers are released frequently helping the customers stay in the game. Also any glitches or errors are patched a lot quicker ensuring 100% security and uptime compared to some cheaper open source alternatives in the market. And when it comes to impeccable service, customers do not mind paying a few bucks extra for complete peace of mind.

So if you are looking for a well-rounded hosting service that will provide you ease of use and unparalleled security while supporting the latest technologies, Windows server hosting is the perfect solution for you.

Immi served as Editor on a leading Windows web hosting company, specializing in ASP.NET hosting support and services.


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